Our SEALDEK products are an elastomeric polyurethane with excellent adhesion to the primer coated-substrate. Waterproofing with our SEALDEK products results in a cutting-edge, technologically resilient, extremely tough and wear resistant surface that is seamless and long-lasting. Even though SEALDEK is an industrial-grade product, it is safely applicable for residential and commercial applications.


Applications include:


  • Balconies

  • Raised Decks

  • Bathroom Floors

  • Garage Floors

  • Roof Alcoves

  • Swimming Pool Decks

  • Hot Tubs and Decks

  • Boat and Ship Floors, Decks and Wall Surfaces

  • Wharfs

  • And much more.....


Waterproofing using SEALDEK has excellent weatherability, will not freeze, offers multiple finishes including our standard color coatings and Max-E-Grip Granular Rubber surfaces. It can be pressure washed and bleached, is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, it's easily repaired, makes for a quiet and shock absorbent surface! As a certified installer of SEALDEK urethane rubber waterproofing system, we can offer you plenty waterproofing options.

Sealdek Waterproofing, Rubber Surfaces

Sealdek Product Specifications and ASTM Sheets